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[Courtfields] A summary profile of the company, incorporating an outline of the services available, and also some links to related commercial and technical resources amongst which are a selection of our own utility sources available for public download and free use (subject to conditions).

[symbol] If you're simply nosing around out of curiosity (and by all means, carry on) you might just like to take a peek at your host's personal page.

[Linux] Or you might be interested some musings and observations from more than a decade of working with and administering Linux. In particular users of older laptops may find the PCMCIA experiences to be of interest.

No to software patents! (opens new window)

Under pressure from the large software corporations and other vested interests the European Parliament is teetering on the brink of the disastrous decision to legislate in favour of software patents.  Visit NoSoftwarePatents.com to appreciate fully the implications of such a rash decision.

Anti-Spam campaign (opens new window)

Are you blighted by spam in the newsgroups and your mailbox? Visit the Anti-Spam Campaign (or its UK mirror) to find out more, and to register your disapproval.

Remember:  Only crooks and conmen equate unsolicited junk e-mail with freedom of speech.

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