Some Linux notes

This page was first drafted in January 1997, when having spent a significant part of the preceding two years investigating Linux, and having found it a very useful tool, I started throwing together some notes and observations, as much as an aide memoire for myself as anything else.  Over the ensuing period (it really is 19 years, and I feel old!) I had some adventures, and made some notes.  All of the machines I started with, including (what was then) my swanky 2000 quid's worth of 120MHz, VGA laptop, has long since one to the great network in the sky.  I spent nearly 8 years as a professional sysadmin, but in the last year moved into security.  Anything and everything that was on this page has long since become obsolete, so I finally came to the conclusion there was little point in it being here.&nsbp; If you find your way here, by all that is sane - how!?  Everything was so old and irrelevant I have no idea how you would have stumbled across it.

May 12, 2016

Projects past

I had several projects - in the sense of tasks and goals I set myself over the years - which I annotated here, but long since moved to a dedicated page, covering such topics as the then young and independent Fedora, webcams and motion detection, an external 250Mb Zip drive (which I actually still own, but haven't had need of for over a decade), incorporating my treasured but long dead Psion 5 and a 5MX PDAs into the home network (which was fun, and educational), time synchronising with NTP and the Rugby MSF clock (the module for which is still in use today, on the machine which evolved out of my first server), and custom fortune cookie files which are probably the only things which remain contemporary.

I have not actively documented my endeavours for years, largely because the maturity of the Linux eco-system means that most of the interesting tinkering has long since been done and anything of substance involves real heavy-lifting, but also because I simply don't get the time to play.

May 12, 2016

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